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ALL ABOUT The DeCreaser™


The DeCreaseR™ is patent pending. It is proven to stop sneakers from creasing. It is intended for use in all casual lifestyle sneakers having a toebox in their design. The DeCreaseR™ is the solution to the sneaker collectors’ age old dilemma “to rock or keep deadstock?”. It presents the avid collector with the opportunity to put less focus on the damage he/she might cause to their grails when wearing them and to focus more on the damage he/she will cause to onlookers’ necks when wearing said grails. This invention will help retain the value of rare sneakers, offering the owner the option to sell even after he/she has rocked them.

The DeCreaser™ comes at a great time in sneaker culture. At no other point in time have there been so many high priced and rare sneakers on the market. With this increase of grails on the open market comes greater hesitation in buying these once perishable gems. With the introduction of The DeCreaseR™ comes a sigh of relief from the collector who can feel confident in the longevity of his/her sneaker investments.


The DeCreaseR™ was conceived of by Brian “Chef” Spar in 2003. Spar is an avid sneaker collector and the reigning “Air Force 1 King of CT” as crowned by the International Sneaker Battle in Hartford, CT 2006. He has been customizing sneakers for 4 years and is the owner and founder of Gourmetkickz “food for the sole”. Many people in the sneaker culture know chef as “gourmetkickz” from the forums, and all who know “Chef” are aware of his true love and appreciation for the culture.

In 2002, after deciding to take a head long plunge into the sneaker game and leaving a career in mortgage banking behind, Spar began to amass a sizeable sneaker collection comprised mainly of Nike Air Force 1’s. The relationship many collectors have with this shoe is truly that of a love vs. hate nature. The love for the shoe is simple to explain: it’s a timeless classic, comfortable, and matches everything with its nearly infinite permutations of possible colorways. The hate is just as easy to explain: the shoe creases almost immediately!

In light of this issue Spar decided to begin a project whose goal was to end the creasing problem just as he began improving the aesthetic of this flagship shoe with the birth of GourmetKickz in 2002. In 2006, after 3 ½ years of independent research and testing, Spar felt he had finally perfected a design that would allow normal wear of the sneaker while preventing it from creasing at the same time. In December of 2006 paperwork was prepared and submitted to the USPTO for a patent on this device now known as The DeCreaseR™. The DeCreaseR™ has been primarily designed to fit the Nike Air Force 1, but will be available for virtually all sneakers with a defined toebox. The sample run being shipped in February 2007 is designed specifically for the Nike Air Force 1.

Spar has not been without obstacles in his attempt to bring something of great use to the sneaker community. Like many great inventions of the past there are always imitations and bootlegs. After being privileged to seeing Spar’s designs and sketches for the purpose of investment procurement, certain entities on the web have decided to try and steal this idea right from under Chef, attempting to take credit for his hard work and passion. Those who know true sneaker culture know the truth. There can be only one true founder of this simple yet effective device. That founder is Brian “Chef” Spar.


The DeCreaseR™ will be offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. The slight differences in size will allow users of all shoe sizes to use The DeCreaseR™. The variety of shapes will allow users to apply The DeCreaseR™ to sneakers of virtually all styles. Several variations in shape will be introduced later in production to offer the user with a varying level of sneaker protection. Comfort will vary with each level of protection, with comfort being an analogous trade off for protection against creasing.


The DeCreaseR™ is composed of medium density fungal resistant polyethylene. It is sandwiched by an adhesive layer and a cushioning cotton/foam layer. Total thickness of all 3 layers is no more than 1/10 to 1/5 of an inch.


The DeCreaseR™ resists flexing along its longitudinal axis thereby resisting the sneakers natural tendency to crease along the toebox. The DeCreaseR™ also allows flexibility laterally, permitting the sneaker to accommodate the slightly wider shape the foot takes on when striking the ground during normal waking. The DeCreaseR™ is meant to be worn and was primarily designed for casual wear. The DeCreaseR™ is not intended to be worn during sports or heavy running.

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The DecreaseR™ was invented by Brian "Chef" Spar of GourmetKickz and is currently patent pending.


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